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Cover Song.

This is a really basic cover i did the other night of Margot and The Nuclear So-and-So’s “NYC Hotel Blues” Off their Album “Buzzard”

I highly recommend this band to a-n-y-o-n-e. Comment if you think it’s good, and if you think it’s bad, post a better one.

I will soon post a song i wrote myself. Getting into a music thing.



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I had an idea.

I hope the internet has laws of patents, but i probably won’t do this anyway, and somebody probably already did it.


For the two of you that are still reading this, I had a multi-layered idea that started with me thinking about GPS’s. I’m also an avid cocksucker gamer, so i got to thinking, what if there was a GPS system for gamers? As in a walk-through system that worked like a step by step GPS system, telling you where to go, and what to do. Obviously it’s not meant for gamers, but casual gamers who get lost and get stuck. It could also be used for parents who like to play games but suck hard ass at them. But this is a very impractical idea for me to pull off on my own, but maybe it could become something. If you’re reading this and you have money, please don’t steal my idea, BY THE LAWS OF THE INTERNET, I COMMAND YOU.

BUT. I did begin to think of another idea, which would be a phone-in service that provides knowledge and hands on directions for video games. Again, if you don’t have enough resources or people, you would have to be limited to a very small selection of games. Now, granted, there are walkthroughs that will tell you everything you have to do on youtube, and gamefaqs.com and all of those types of sites, but i feel as though there’s something to be had in a real person talking directly to you. Also, walkthroughs and videos are finite to an extent and if i’m viewing one, i have had a few questions that i would have liked answered, and they didn’t cover it.


Both of these ideas are super-fledgling ideas, but i think they both have an enormous amount of potential. There is already a decent amount of games i would feel comfortable giving advice or direction on. I’m not putting my phone number on here, but i will start to advertise a few games i’d be willing to provide information on.

Here’s a few:

Dead Space &
Dead Space 2

Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, and 4

Final Fantasy 1-through-10

Bioshock 1 & 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1 and 2

Left for Dead 1 & 2

Enough, this isn’t even going draw any attention.

I love you guys though. I got a new job, so hopefully i’ll start to have money and a life and when i do have some free time, i’ll be able to have some interesting content for this blog. ❤ you- Bye babies 😀 😀 😀

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1. Elevators– Fucking ELEVATORS. They are so bad.  Especially elevators that are way larger than you. If you are playing a game and you get onto a big elevator, prepare for some shit to go down.

2. Music– if you notice a sudden and random change in music, there’s gonna be some shit. It’s obvious, but some people literally hear the music change and just think the track changed or something.

3. Misplaced Items or Stores– This is indicative almost certainly of a boss fight, if you suddenly get handed a bunch of shit for no reason… there’s a reason.

4. Silence- Ever hear the phrase “it’s too quiet” ? It is. Something’s up. All games have sound/musical scores to keep things moving, chances are if the silence comes, again, there’s a reason.

5. Spare Items- This is the survival-horror player in me talking, but there’s no such thing as Hoarders in the video game world. Find items, keep items, make room if you have to. There’s some fucked up shit out in the VG world, and you need all the items you can get. You’d rather have too many than not enough.

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I don’t know what to write about, so i’m just going to say how i feel at the current moment.

1. Tired- i’m going to sleep soon

2. Hungry- I’m going to sleep soon so i can wake up and eat food.

3. Bored- I’m going to sleep so i can eat and then have energy so i can do things.

4. Sad- I don’t know why, my life isn’t particularly bad.

5. Lonely- Everyone’s a little busy it seems, and i feel lonesome.

6. Grateful- I’m able to feel all these things and still move on with my life, and for that


I’m grateful.

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Some overwhelming random sadness overcame me a few minutes ago and i cried for like 20 seconds. I’m fine now though. I hope nothing weird happened.

I don’t believe in the paranormal, i think i just need to go to sleep. I’m just so fickle and vain that if something did happen, i want proof that i’m awesome and prophetic. I hope everyone’s okay though.

Signed, a tired bored idiot.


It’s 1:30 A.M. on February 12th, 2011.

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Check this shit out!

Check out this blog that has many more updates than mine, and is much more interesting, it’s full of poetry and creative writing by my friend Tom Stevenson.



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Again, if you compare an RPG to an automobile, the Plot is your environment and destination, the Battle System is your engine, and the characters are driving. Now, what’s a car trip without some tunes? Music is another piece of any video game that cannot be overlooked. Music can make or break a game. The only thing more memorable than the music in a game like Tetris is how mad you get when you get 6 or 7  Z pieces in a fucking row. SEVEN.

Everyone knows that music is key, and its almost retarded to even bring it up, but certain games stand out from the crowd in terms of music.

Feel free to add http://www.rainymood.com to each of these tracks, except for Dead Space…Lul.

1. Shadow of the Colossus- Brilliant, critically acclaimed score. This soundtrack ranges from silence to the most epic shit you could ever hear as you stab giant fucking rock monsters with your sword. The scoring is perfect, the music kicks in exactly when it’s supposed to and gets increasingly epic or decreasingly solemn based on the situation the character is in. It’s comparable to the early episode of Family Guy when Peter gets his own theme music. Here’s a battle, watch it if you want to see a cool game and hear an even cooler track.

2. Anything Worked On By Nobuo Uematsu- A pioneer of the VG music industry, Uematsu composed music in every single Final Fantasy game, also adding arrangements to Chrono Trigger, and a number of other games. A particular composition i’m waiting to hear in full is the new game The Last Story, which unfortunately is only being released in Japan at the moment. His knowledge of themes is outstanding, this particular piece is a favorite of mine and takes place when you reach a new planet in Final Fantasy IX, it’s a strange and mystical world, and the music perfectly represents this theme.

3. Earthbound- The strangest musical tracks you will ever hear inhabit this game, but it’s one of the most fitting soundtracks i’ve ever heard. It is original, it’s funky, it’s weird, but overall i think its very enjoyable. There’s a strange brand of humor within this game and it emerges every so slightly even in the music. I’m not sure which track i want to post so i’ll post two of them.

4. Braid- Holy Shit. This is the first game since Earthbound that i actually realized the music was one of the best things about it before i was 5 minutes into playing it. There are 8 tracks in this game which all come from already existing albums, it was more of a compilation, and not really an original soundtrack. The game is only $15 on the Playstation network and xbox live, so get it if you like puzzle-oriented games. Or if you know me just come over and play it on my Playstation 3 ❤ ❤ ❤ The music is boring to some, soothing and awesome to others. Listen if you wish, i’m putting my favorite track up because i don’t give a FUCK. I’m a bamf.

I’m lonely.

5. Dead Space 1 and 2- Dead Space doesn’t even have a soundtrack that i can see, per se, but the music that pops up accomplishes exactly what it is meant for: Establishing mood. It’s shrieking string sections let you know that shit is going down, and a necromorph is about to cut your legs off and then throw you around like a rag doll. The music is sharp and random, and it reminds me of the two murder scenes in Psycho. Each time my hairs stand up on end. Even the pubes! Here’s a scene, P.S. The guy playing is really bad:

Enough examples, you get the idea. The importance of music lies in the establishment of themes, mood, and of course, just having some groovy tunes to rock out on when you’re being awesome. One particular thing I’d like to see is multiple battle music tracks for RPG’s. This isn’t a brand new idea, as Final Fantasy games did have different tracks for boss battles, as well as event battles when the music in the environment was different, and would not change during battle. Example here:

Please ignore the guy talking.

But this isn’t enough for me, there’s a lot of grinding (bumpin’ and grindin’ CHYEA) to be done in RPG’s and the same battle music over and over again gets annoying. I couldn’t even tell you if they fixed this in FFXIII because the game was so bad i blocked it out. I know that Tales of Symphonia had a cool thing where the battle music was different on the ***SPOILER ALERT*** other world that you travel to. Or maybe it was on the 2nd disc, i don’t remember.  Either way it’s cool but both themes still get repetitive after a while. They can spend a little time composing multiple music tracks, IMO.

Shout out to Kylie Butler, Amy Morton, and Heather Preyer for retweeting my blog, and thanks to (i don’t think) nobody else. It doesn’t take that much to RT or repost, so thanks if you’re a good internet friend. And if you have a blog you don’t advertise it enough, because i’d repost it often.

Sorry it’s been a while but there’s been moving going on, I had no internet for a while, and there was a death recently i’m sure most of you know about. I’m not going to talk about it because i prefer to leave some things private, i’m just making excuses for being a crappy blogger. Alright, so the next part should be up soon, I think next i’m just going to talk about the appearance of the game, as well as the intangibles of an RPG. Seeya next time 😀

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